An EduDee Alumna Shares Her Experiences with Junior Batches


My name is Paprae and I’m from EduDee’s first batch. I’d like to share some things with the next EduDee student batches.

First, let’s talk about how Thais think that studying mathematics in America will be so easy. I had the same thoughts. That is until I experienced it myself: There are many different mathematics courses to choose from in the US. It’s not only like in the pictures that are shared on the Internet. There are both easy and hard mathematics courses. And what’s more is that mathematics in the US doesn’t have just numbers. There are sentences and mathematical English vocabulary. But if you’re studying in an English program in Thailand maybe it’ll be easier for you.And one more thing is that is really important for Thais these days is body language. Taking pictures or using swear words is considered normal (even though it really isn’t). Everyone does it. But I want to tell you not to think that way. Get rid of these kinds of thoughts. Actually it’s not something strange but what matters is whether it’s really necessary or not. I think we all know the answer. Some people will be offended while others will not be. But my advice to you is don’t do these things. They just make you less attractive. Or if you really want to do these things then think it through first. And once you do something like use swear words, you have to accept the potential negative consequences LOL.

1.Once I get there will I be able to understand everyone and talk to them?
It really depends on each individual person. What’s important is “Don’t be shy!!” This is extremely important!!! Don’t be afraid to speak up. They’ll understand that your mother tongue is not English. Go ahead and speak. Don’t worry about the grammar. All you need is to make sense. And don’t think that trying to speak with a western accent is showing off. It’s not. Go for it!!!! I really mean it. It’s your choice to choose! No one is going to care whether you make mistakes or not. 

2.How should I go about packing?
Take only what is necessary. You don’t need to take a lot of food, personal items or makeup. You can buy these things when you get to the US. Just take your best outfits. You can buy yourself a coat or winter clothing over in the US. So just take what you really need. You don’t have to pack a lot because you’re going to end up shopping in the US anyway. And one more thing is that you should also take something Thai as a gift. It could be Thai style bracelets to give to your friends. Take something that is really representative of Thailand to give out. And don’t forget to take some Thai cooking materials especially Knorr (seasoning)! LOL. It’s deliciousness in one packet!

3.Will I be able to make friends? What should I do?
Smile a lot. Smile at others. Even if you don’t know someone say hi. For real!!!! Try and do your best first. It really works. Try to go up to others and introduce yourself. A tip I have for you is opening the door for others. When you walk through a doorway and someone is walking behind you, hold the door open for them too. Try to make the best first impression that you can.

4.Should I join a sports team?
This can help. If you can join a team, then do it. You’ll get thinner and make friends too. Don’t worry about looking pretty. Athletes in the US look good and sporty.

If you have any questions, fire away. I’m not a serious person but these are real life lessons that I’ve gained.🙂

2016-2017 US Exchange Student

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