When My Son Passed the Test


When my son told me he’d passed the test for EduDee’s US/New Zealand exchange student scholarship program, I wondered whether he was joking or not. I’d never heard of the organization before. But after reading the organization’s program details, I found the information to be very clear and comprehensively complete. And when I attended the information session, I met Mrs. Sujitra, Dr.Varavut and Mr.Yodsawat or “P’Tong” and I was impressed and felt much more confident. P’Tong spoke from real experience and was sincere and very direct. That is why I decided to let my son sign up for the program that very day. P’Tong even asked me if I wanted to think it over first and I told him there was no need because I trusted him. After that P’Tong stayed in touch and provided advice and assistance. He even came all the way to see us in Hat Yai. I’d like to thank EduDee for giving my son this chance of a lifetime.

Mrs. Nujaree Saphaphan
Mother of Opal – Nirawit Saphanphan , EduDee US exchange student in 2016-2017

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