About the Program

The program has received approval from the Thai Ministry of Education and is recognized for building character, broadening horizons, and improving learning for youth. The program is the result of EduDee’s official collaboration with not-for-profit educational organizations overseas dedicated to promoting cultural exchange that involves residing with native English speakers. EduDee’s international cultural exchange program is open to all Thai students throughout Thailand. Interested students must be full-time secondary students or the equivalent. Students selected for the exchange will receive a partial or full scholarship for the tuition fee for one academic year in an educational institute/high school or secondary school alongside local students. Students will reside with a quality-selected native speaking host family of the country. Students will have the opportunity to improve their language skills by interacting with the local people, to develop themselves, and to live with others to attain greater global perspective. Students will learn from the viewpoints of others as they live with a carefully selected host family based on the law. They will also be cared for by the exchange foundation under the supervision of the host country’s government.

  • This program is supported by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.
  • The host country offers the scholarship to each student only once. A student may not apply for the same type of scholarship in subsequent academic years.
  • This is an opportunity to study abroad for one academic school year.
  • The program will be under the care of the government and the exchange/ educational organizations of the destination country.
  • Representatives from the local exchange/educational organizations will carefully select a host family, public educational institution and the town/state for each student so that his/her needs are met.
  • Students will learn about culture, how to adapt, and how to live with foreigners of different backgrounds and experiences. They will have the chance to practice English with native speakers.
  • Students will live with selected qualified host families interested in cultural exchange.
  • Upon completing the exchange program, students will be able to return to their original schools in Thailand in accordance with the policies set by the Thai Ministry of Education.