Achieving My Dream Of Being An Exchange Student

“Becoming an exchange student has been my dream since 8th grade. But I’d never imagined it could become reality because I knew it would be hard and challenging. It all started when my English teacher introduced EduDee to us and encouraged me to take the test. I thought I probably wouldn’t pass the test, but somehow I managed to pass both the written test and the interview. I started to ask myself, “Do I really want to do this?”, and I discussed the situation with my family. I don’t normally like to step out of my comfort zone. But I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity.

“I was feeling very excited during the preparation period before the journey. After I actually arrived, time passed by in a flash. I’ll never forget all the holidays or festive seasons and the time I spent with my host family. I learned how to solve problems on my own and adjust my behavior and attitude, and I learned all about the local culture. I feel I’ve matured rapidly and I have gained a new, wider perspective of the world. I’m extremely happy to have taken part in this exchange program. 2019-2020 will definitely be a time that I’ll cherish forever.”

EduDee would like to thank Ploy Autchareeya Sridee, one of our 2019-2020 exchange students from Surasak Montree School. If you’re interested in being an exchange student, check out more at

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