Additional Fees Not Included in the Program Fees

Plane tickets In order for our organization to fully take care of each student, EduDee reserves the right to handle all matters pertaining to plane tickets.  Parents are asked to note that failure to pay for the plane ticket fees in the time alloted will result in additional fees.

Other fees related to visa, examples including translation of documents needed for requesting a visa

Personal expenses, examples including optional tourist fees as set by the exchange organization in the US/New Zealand, pocket money, lunch money, testing fees, school club membership fees, and other expenses that could result from purchasing a sim card and/or cell phone, long-distance telephone call,

traveling to & from school, purchasing school supplies and books, traveling to nearby tourist attractions, buying personal hygiene products, signing up for extracurricular activities, purchase of school uniforms, etc.

What Do the Program Fees Provide?

  • The registration fee for attending a local public school for one academic school year
  • A preparation course and orientation to equip students with the necessary information and skills before departure
  • A student manual and accompanying informational documents for parents and students
  • English foundation course for students 
  • Preparation camp before departure
  • Orientation hosted by the foreign exchange program organization
  • Housing with a host family carefully selected by the exchange foundation 
  • Handling of travel documents including visa, plane ticket and all forms of coordination on behalf of the student
  • Health and accident insurance
  • 24-hour organizational assistance while taking part in the exchange program
  • Finding a designated-country representative to pick students up and send them to the airport
  • Constant coordination and consultancy
  • Coordination while the student takes off one year from his/her home school as well as consulting once the program has been completed
  • A certificate upon completion of the studies and the program