Education is more than just learning and transference of knowledge. Here at Education and Development Experts (EduDee) we believe that education is a life long experience made up of adventures both individual and shared, encounters that can be close by or afar, and enriched with challenges, struggles and triumphs that shape who you are and who you can be. EduDee is the long-awaited result of a group of energetic, motivated and determined educators and education professionals coming together to fulfill one common goal. That goal is best reflected in EduDee’s philosophy which is to help young minds broaden their horizons, grow and make a difference in the world by fostering their passion for learning in order for them to reach their ultimate potential whilst providing safe and caring experiences that are only limited by the connections of the world. With experts in the core subjects of English (and other languages too!), mathematics and science as well as seasoned individuals who have helped thousands of students apply for college domestically in Thailand and abroad, hundreds of students achieve success during their year abroad as well as over hundreds of adults hone their skills and undergo human resource development, EduDee is poised to assist even more individuals achieve their educational and development goals.

Among the services we offer are:

  • student exchange
  • a test center of global standard
  • work and study programs
  • corporate training
  • tutorial courses
  • language studies
  • teach in Thailand opportunities
  • distance learning

Our clients, associates, friends, family and all with whom we interact can rest assured in the pillars of our operations which encompass :

  • professional experience,
  • reliability/trustworthiness/firmness,
  • innovativeness (because we will be better everyday),
  • focus on excellence (because we aim to do things right),
  • proximity (because we share, listen and feel),
  • dedication to helping clients have a bright future,
  • commitment to lifelong learning and development,
  • global education offers (because wherever you are, you can always learn)

Life is unexpected and all we can do is navigate as best possible with what we know and what we can do. It is your education, your future and your choice. Let us here at EduDee help guide you on your way with our expertise, wealth of knowledge and personal care.