Life Changing Experience

Hello! I’m Ping and I’m an EduDee exchange student. I was in the US for the 2018-19 academic year. For me, being an exchange student has been a major change for me. I never used to like English until I read reviews from former exchange students. I became interested and, with support from my family, decided to study English and take the EduDee test. And now I too am an exchange student. Living in America was such a worthwhile experience for me. I learned so much and got to try so many things I’d never tried before. I got to experience weather I wasn’t used to, try strange new food, speak a language foreign to me, and make new friends. It was like getting to live another life in another part of the world. All of this helped me mature, become more confident and outspoken, and become stronger. If I could choose to, I would love to be an exchange student again so I could meet my wonderful host family again, see all my new friends who were always there for me, and eat the food that I never grew tired of!

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