Mimi on a Chance at Trying Something New in Life

Exchange student in Texas

Hi, my name is Mimi. I am an exchange student who stayed in Texas. During my time as an exchange student, I felt that I had done more things than I had ever done in my entire life. Knowing that I was someone who didn’t get along easily with people, I decided to keep an open mind once I reached Texas. I figured there was probably no harm in doing so. Therefore, I decided to try activities which would give me the opportunity to talk to lots of different people. There was PE (Physical Education), theatre, and even dancing class, and I tried out for each and everyone of them. I even got to take part in my school’s musical production and was a dancer for the spring show!

I think that the musical was the greatest thing ever but also the hardest activity I took part in. The entire process was very difficult for me as I had to rehearse on stage and hang out with a bunch of people I didn’t know, and the fact that they all seemed very close didn’t make it any less scarier. But as time went by, I slowly became more familiar with the environment and the people around me. Having to rehearse with the same group of people up until 9 at night everyday turned out to be a good thing. Gradually, these people became my friends, and without realizing it, these people had become my family.

After the musical production ended, I was very sad, but I never lost contact with any of my friends. Being able to go up on stage and speak, perform, and dance, all turned out to be some of the best experiences I had. Even though they were only extracurricular, these activities changed me for the better by making me a better person. In my opinion, opening yourself up to new activities and experiences is a good thing.

EduDee would like to thank Mimi, an EduDee exchange student throughout 2019-2020, from Prommanusorn Phetchaburi School for sharing with us.

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