New family and friendship in the U.S.A.

I am an exchange student in 2021, Michigan in the U.S. At start, I am pretty worry with the program from my shyness and time taken for adjusting to others. I also have not much knowledge about American culture. Luckily, I have generous and friendly host family then I spend less time for such adaptation. I stay with Mexican girl for double placement and we both can blend nicely. Although host mom is busy with her job, she is very supportive at all time.

I am quite concerned at school in the beginning. In fact, everyone is friendly and helpful both teachers and classmates. I can make many new American friends. Under COVID-19 situation, I still have no issue for learning online because of good school management systems. For my activity, I join tennis team. Even I have no idea about this sport, my coach and friends assist and teach me to play. We have competition with other schools; therefore, we need to practice altogether every evening from Monday to Friday after class. I would recommend you all to join some club as it is truly fantastic experience.

Regarding my coordinator, she tries to gather all exchange students under her group to do activities altogether. I have great chance to meet other students from different countries: Italy, Spain, Japan, and Korea. Because of my coordinator, I try to play roller skate, ice-skating, corn bag and etc.

Finally, I feel so lucky to experience new things along with building up friendship. Even it may be a bit difficult due to language barrier, home sickness, and culture shock, I still believe that everyone enables to pass through at last. All the things make us learn. Once you have gone through, we can grow and achieve another significant maturity.
EduDee would like to express our thankfulness to Apichaya Kliangnuan from Horwang school, our exchange student in 2020-2021 at Michigan, the USA.