Ploy and 10 Worthwhile Months

Hello all. My name is Ploy. I’m an EduDee exchange student and I did my exchange in America. I feel my exchange was very worthwhile. It was an experience that gave more than just English practice and cultural exchange. I studied Literature and for me this was really difficult but my school teacher helped me all throughout. Sometimes my teacher would give me extra lessons after school and that made literature easier and I started to enjoy it. One other subject I really liked was computer science. I got to participate in an exhibition organized by Microsoft and Google. It included exhibits of university students’ computer programming work to be used in education, healthcare and technological advance.

In addition, I also tried out for softball, which was a really great experience. I got a couple of scars from playing but it was all worth it because I got to try something new. My friends in America were so happy. They were always there to help me. Many of my friends were excited to learn about Thai culture. And lots of them said that they’d like to visit Thailand.

As an exchange student, I got to make lots of friends from many different countries. I also go to learn about my friends’ home country cultures. My host family was generous and very kind to me. I also learned how to make sweets and local food because every week my host family would sit down to decide who would make dinner each day. For those of you who are thinking of going on an exchange I think the 10 months is so worth it.

EduDee would like to show our appreciation to Ploy, a 2019-2020 EduDee exchange student from Saint Louis Suksa School, for sharing her great exchange experience with us.

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