Program Fees

Students selected to take part in the exchange program will be exempt from tuition fees in part or in whole.

The program participant will be responsible for other fees including the travel expense to the host country with these additional fees payable to the host country’s exchange foundation/ educational organization abroad.

Program fees are to be paid in Thai Baht using Bangkok Bank’s exchange rate, specifically the bank-note selling rate for USD1-2 as at 8:30 A.M. on the pay date.

CountryDuration/Departure MonthTotal Cost
USA (J)10 months / August460,000 Baht
USA (J) for MOU schools10 months / August440,00 Baht
USA (F)10 months / August780,00 Baht
NZ (A)11 months / January650,000 Baht
NZ (B)11 months / January760,000 Baht
NZ (A)12 months / July670,000 Baht
NZ (B)12 months / July780,000 Baht
Canada10 months / September690,000 Baht

*Durations indicated in the table are estimations.

*Costs/Fees may be amended, program fees do not include VAT.