Steps to Applying to Be an EduDee Au Pair

At EduDee, we understand that deciding to join the au pair program can be very exciting for the applicant and that the time it takes applicants to prepare may differ. EduDee is happy to provide assistance to all our au pairs every step of the way, from preparing the documents needed to apply to doing the interview with potential American families. It’s our way of helping our recruits be as ready as possible to embark on their adventure to America as au pairs!

  1. Register for a free information session concerning the program as well as take an English proficiency test and attitude test to be conducted by EduDee officers.
  2. Meet all the required qualifications and hand in your documents for the Au Pair program.
    2.1 A photocopy of your Thai driver’s license
    2.2 A photocopy of your passport
    2.3 A photocopy of the English version of your transcript (academic record)
    2.4 An official letter proving that you have no criminal record
    2.5 An official document certifying that you have childcare experience (of at least 300 hours)
    2.6 A letter of recommendation (from a university instructor, boss at work, or someone older than you who can vouch for your character)
    3.Submit your application online as well as upload a photo and video
    4.Begin the matching process and wait for an American family to make contact
    5.Agree to be officially matched with an American family 6.Pay the program and visa fees
    7.Attend a visa and preparation workshop to receive the documents for visa application and travel preparations.
    8.Receive your airline ticket
    9.Travel to New York for the orientation 4 or 5 days before travelling to reside with your American family.
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